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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Talking about MSNBC - The Making of a Faith


MSNBC - The Making of a Faith <---- click to read offending article From NewsWeek. O'Falon, MO Quote - Jon Meacham :
"So the question becomes, it seems to me, where did this redefinition of Messiah come from? And the best answer I can give is that either Jesus himself or his closest disciples believed in this new kind of Messiah, and preached it."

The answer:

If the atoning sacrifice was properly understood prior to the actual crucifixion, then Satan would have done everything possible to prevent it. Instead, the atoning sacrifice and it's extraordinary value were carefully concealed within the old testament scriptures in such a way that even superhuman super intelligent creatures like Satan were not able to properly understand it until it was achieved.

The Apostle Paul understood this:

Romans 16:25

" 25Now to him who is able to establish you by my gospel and the proclamation of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery hidden for long ages past, "

So, therefore to answer the faith undermining doubt you raised Mr. Jon Meacham, it is not a redefinition!

I is a revealing of a sacred secret which gives glory to the wisdom of the one who originally concealed it for an extraordinary purpose.............. God!

Through this means Satan unwittingly became a key player in the events which will ultimately lead to the emancipation of righteous mankind from the appalling circumstance which Satan himself devised and originated. From the standpoint of God, a perfect vindication.

Realizing this was understood right from the time the original sin occurred in the Garden of Eden you should now be in complete awe of our creator and be willing to humbly submit yourself to his will. In turn it is promised that you will have extraordinary blessings.

Hopefully this has removed the doubts instilled by NewsWeek Magazine and restored your faith.

If there are any other aspects of a Jon Meacham article which has confused the truth, please register it in a comment with a link and I will address it for you.